Schedule of Availability of Servuce

Monday to Friday

8:00am to 5:00pm (No Noon Break)

Who may avail of the Service

  • Concessionaires whose water service are disconnected
  • Concessionaires who requested their water service be disconnected

What are the requirement/s?

Water bill receipt


20 minutes

Procedures on avaling the request on reconnection/disconnection of water service:

Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Peron in-Charge Processing Time Fees/Requirements
1 Present Water Bill and pay the current bill if any

Check on the system the amount to be paid, accept payment and issue an OR

Senior Customer Service Officer (Cashier 1), Water/Sewerage Maintenance Man A (Cashier 2) 3 Minutes

Outstanding Balance if any plus Reconnection fee


*Reconnection fee:

within 1 to 60 days: Php 50.00

within 61 to 90 days: Php 100.00

91 days and above after disconnection: Php 200.00


Accept payment and issue official receipt

PACD Officer

2 minutes

3   Reconnect/DIsconnect the water pipelines Disconnection Team/Meter Reader Group Within the day upon receipt of request (15 minutes)