The Dinalupihan Water District (DWD) was formed pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 198 otherwise known as the “Local Water Utilities Act of 1973” and by the Sangguniang Bayan of Dinalupihan Resolution No. 39, series of 1989 dated June 20, 1989 and led to the subsequent turnover of all the assets and the facilities run by the Local Government Unit of Dinalupihan.

Before its formation, there is no existing water supply system in the locality, and the residents acquired water through available free-flowing and privately owned deep wells.  As a requirement in availing financial assistance for the development of the water system, DWD filed the required pertinent documents with the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) and on July 13, 1989, a Conditional Certificate of Conformance no. 409 was issued.

On March 12, 1992 all water districts became Government Owned and Controlled Corporations by virtue of the Supreme Court ruling of September 13, 1991.  DWD is now under the supervision of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) as far as personnel matters are concerned and under the Commission on Audit (COA) for Auditing.

After over two decades, DWD is now categorized as Category B Water District with 66 approved plantilla, 25 of which are vacant.  DWD has 13,967 concessionaires with an average billing of Php5.4 million monthly.

DWD mission is to provide safe, adequate, reliable and economically viable water service to the people of Dinalupihan complemented by its Vision to be a Very Large Water with a good quality, reliable and cost effective water service to our community now and for generations to come.

DWD is located at Pag-asa Street Barangay Kataasan, Dinalupihan, Bataan. Open from Monday to Friday with no Noon Break. 

A Water District is a local corporate entity established on local option to operate a water supply system in one or more provincial, cities or municipalities.  It is formed in either urban or rural communities outside of the geographic jurisdiction of Metro Manila. It is governed by a five-man Board of Directors and a General Manager who executes the policies set by the former.  Water Districts were first considered quasi-private entities until the Supreme Court handed an en banc decision on September 1991, declaring them as Government Owned and/or Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) with original charter.

In September 1997, local water districts were classified into six (6) categories, namely: Small, Average, Medium, Big, Large and Very Large water districts using the Local Water District Manual on Categorization /Re-Categorization.   The categorization of LWDs took into consideration the resources owned and managed by each LWD like human resources (personnel), physical resources (fixed assets), and financial resources (revenues, investments). 

In year 2011, Local Water Districts was re-categorized into four (4) based on active service connections, assets, and financial position and staff productivity namely: A, B, C & D. 

On July 13, 1989, the Dinalupihan Water District was formed and Conditional Certificate No. 409 was issued by LWUA. In 1993, DWD served nineteen (19) Barangays or 41% of the total 46 Barangays of Dinalupihan.  In March 1998, DWD build its own office adjacent to Kataasan Elementary School. 

DWD Office Year 1998
In 2005, eight (8) barangays were added for a total of 27 or 59% of the Barangays in Town.  On July 7, 2008, DWD signed Memorandum of Agreement to the Municipal Government of Dinalupihan transferring the ownership and management of Dinalupihan Western Water System (DWWS) to the former.  The said local water system was servicing the water needs of Barangays Pinulot, Casa Bonita, Happy Valley, Naparing and Colo.  By the end of 2008, DWD is servicing 7,650 service connections or a total of 38,250 concessionaires in town.  In 2010, LWUA approved the request of DWD recategorization from Medium to Big Category Water District. On the same year, several projects were accomplished including the construction of the Upper Roosevelt Pumping Stations, pipeline expansion project at Barangays Pita and Dalao, acquisition of two (2) units generator set for Sta. Isabel and Roosevelt Pumping Stations and purchase of utility service vehicles of the district.  At present, Dinalupihan Water District is serving 43 barangays or 93% of the total 46 Barangays of Dinalupihan with 13,636 total service connections as of September 2015.  Three (3) barangays are not yet covered by the water system of DWD namely: Maligaya, Payangan and Tubo-tubo of approximately 769 total numbers of household.

2. SAN RAMON1993
3. TUCOP2003
4. SAGUING2004
5. STA. ISABEL2005
8. PITA2010

Barangays that are currently served by DWD:

BARANGAYNo. of Connections
1.   Bangal164
2.   Bayan-Bayanan128
3.   Bonifacio181
4.   Burgos174
5.   Colo255
6.   Daang Bago224
7.   Dalao183
8.   Del Pilar69
9.   General Luna142
10. Gomez78
11. Happy Valley283
12. JC Payumo453
13. Kataasan462
14. Layac469
15. Luacan788
16. Mabini Extension127
17. Mabini Proper87
18. Magsaysay262
19. Naparing299
20. New  San Jose1168
21. Old San Jose205
22. Padre Dandan49
23. Pagalanggang462
24. Pag-asa150
25. Payumo80
26. Pentor661
27. Pinulot517
28. Pita209
29. Rizal80
30. Roosevelt665
31. Roxas69
32. Saguing534
33. San Benito334
34. San Isidro175
35. San Juan Extension63
36. San Pablo321
37. San Ramon1227
38. San Simon219
39. Sta. Isabel408
40. Sto. Niño521
41. Torres69
42. Tucop498
43. Zamora124