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Vision, Mission, Mandate, and Functions


By 2024, Dinalupihan Water District is the premier water district in Central Luzon.


We commit to provide safe and affordable water  and sanitation services to all Dinalupiheniós, thru multiple sourcing from technologically advanced facilities and water resource management; while practicing respect for the Environment that will result to customers satisfaction at all times.


We pledge to continuously work in sustaining our goals of providing good service to our consumers, thru an efficient water supply and a good working relationship with our consumers, aimed in attaining customer’s satisfaction.


The Dinalupihan Water District (DWD), by virtue of Presidential Decree no. 198, was created as an agency mandated to operate, maintain, improve and expand water supply delivering affordable, safe and potable water for domestic and industrial uses to the residents and lands within the jurisdiction of Dinalupihan and nearby barangays where it is considered necessary.


The DWD shall manage a system of water distribution that will be accessible to all sectors of society, ensure uninterrupted and adequate water and conduct other functions and operations incidental to water resource development, proper utilization and disposal.

Dinalupihan Water District (DWD)

Pagasa St., Kataasan, Dinalupihan, Bataan, Central Luzon

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