In a move aimed at providing improved water services and ensuring the sustainability of water resources, Dinalupihan Water District (DWD) has announced a revision in its water rates for 2023. These new rates, effective starting the April 2023 billing cycle, reflect the district’s commitment to maintaining a reliable and efficient water supply for its consumers.


The DWD, a vital organization responsible for providing potable water to the residents of Dinalupihan, Bataan, has conducted a thorough review of its operational costs, infrastructure maintenance, and the need for further investments in water facilities. The updated rates aim to address these critical factors while maintaining affordability for the local community.


Dinalupihan Water District has clarified that these adjustments are necessary to fund essential maintenance and expansion projects for the benefit of the community. The district has committed to ensuring that the water supply remains dependable, safe, and meets the ever-growing demands of the municipality.


Concessionaires of Dinalupihan Water District are encouraged to visit the DWD’s official website, contact their local office, or attend community meetings for further information and assistance regarding the new water rates.


These adjustments in water rates signify the DWD’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its services, infrastructure, and overall water quality for the residents of Dinalupihan. As we approach the April 2023 billing cycle, the district aims to ensure that the local community continues to enjoy clean, safe, and dependable water services for years to come.